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As you might imagine, we get asked a lot of questions. So to make things easy we have listed the most common ones.

Feel free to browse the list of questions to see if your question is below.

Are All Your Vehicles Air Conditioned?

All our vehicles will have full environmental control systems installed.

Can I Consume Food And Beverages In The Limousine?

It’s very difficult to provide a firm all-embracing answer because so much will depend upon the circumstances. For example, we can provide champagne and other beverages plus snacks.

However as a general rule, for your comfort and safety plus the integrity of the vehicle, eating your own foodstuffs is discouraged or not permitted – particularly while moving.

Please discuss this with us in advance or with your chauffeur on the day.

Can I Extend My Hire At Short Notice?

In most cases – yes.

If you decide you will need your chauffeur and vehicle for longer than you anticipated then contact us (or your chauffeur will do so) and we’ll usually be able to make arrangements.

Can We Have A Vehicle At Our Disposal 24 X 7?


However, please note that on very long distance journeys and open-ended commitments, there may be legal and insurance limitations as to how long our chauffeurs can drive for without significant rest. We can though, with planning, provide a second chauffeur to ensure your vehicle is ‘ready to go’ as you need it 24 x 7.

Can You Provide Stretch Limos?


Can Your Limousines Take Me Anywhere I Wish?

Yes – in principle.

Providing you have given us some degree of notice, we will be happy to take you anywhere and for any duration.

One possible exception might be if your journey includes off-road driving requirements where in our or the chauffer’s opinion, there would be risk to the vehicle.

Do You Also Provide Larger Capacity Vehicles?


Our fleet contains multi-seat smaller coaches commonly called “people movers” right up to 60+ seat full-sized luxury coaches.

Do You Charge Waiting Time?

If you and we have jointly planned an itinerary then this should never be an issue.

However, if you have asked us to be somewhere at a certain time and you are delayed, then after a specified free waiting period extra cost may be incurred.

Do You Offer Tours?


You can either specify some general preferences and leave the rest to us in terms of creating an itinerary (a service popular with corporate entertaining) or be very specific about what you want to see and when.

We will take it from there.

Do You Specify Luggage Restrictions?

In general terms no but there are some minor exceptions.

The luggage you plan to bring with you must be within the vehicle’s sensible and safe carrying capacity.

We also could not carry items that could be considered to be potentially hazardous or ‘dirty’, such as containers of chemicals or oil etc.

Do Your Wedding Limousines Come ‘Decorated’ For The Day?

Yes, if that’s what you’d like. We’re more than happy to do so.

Our chauffeurs may permit you to add elements of your own decoration to the limousine providing these will not risk damage to the vehicle or impair safe driving.

Is An Hourly Rate Available?

Yes. Please contact us for details.

What Types Of Vehicles Do You Have?

We have an extensive fleet of luxury limousines plus coaches.

You can find details here.

Will You Carry Disabled Passengers?

Yes, this is typically absolutely no problem and the boots of our vehicles will carry a wheelchair comfortably.

Do please note though that in some very specialized situations, such as where the person concerned is permanently confined to a chair, there may be the need for extensive discussions, as some vehicles may not be capable of providing such transport facilities.

Will You Permit Pets In Your Vehicles?

This depends very much upon the animal concerned and how they’re being transported.

In principle ‘yes but please make sure you notify us in advance with full details.

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